Summertime Views

Summer is even more unpredictable than the rest of the year, but the last three months gave me some wonderful shoots with longtime friends and colleagues, cool kids being their cool selves, lots of great tunes, and a big open look at the Milky Way on a perfectly dark night in Colorado. Behind the scenes, I've made significant investments in my business and I'm looking forward to sharing some big projects, news, and more views in the fall! 

All photos © copyright 2018 by Elliot Mandel. All rights reserved.

Portraits with J&L Catering

It's really hard to run a portrait session when there are waffles cooking in the next room. Nevertheless, I had a great time with the friendly and efficient staff at J&L Catering.  Their offices are located in a former tannery on Goose Island, and while bricks can be a difficult background at times, I knew I wanted them in the photos to show a little of the building's character.  My thanks to Ted, Kevin, Laura, Nitin, Cam, Vanessa, Jim, Rachel, Scott, and Ashleigh!