Third Coast Percussion

On stage with Third Coast Percussion

Microphones, music stands, lights, cables, a thousand mallets.  Plus the instruments - some of them large (marimbas, drum kits, cymbals, a gong, a piano), and some of them found objects (pipes, empty whiskey bottles, a string of paperclips).  And the artists themselves: Rob, Pete, Sean, David, all with earpieces plugged in and playing in perfect syncopation.  Third Coast Percussion is a complete sensory experience.  A few weeks ago, they gave me free range on stage at the University of Chicago's Logan Center for the Arts during their dress rehearsal with one directive: get all four musicians in one frame.  The solution was a multiple exposure frame created in the camera; it also captured the organized chaos of instruments.  

Wrapping up a summer at Rush Hour Concerts

Hard to believe the season has ended, but the 15th Summer Concert Series presented by Rush Hour Concerts was another good one filled with a variety of music.  Here is a gallery of fantastic artists whom I had the pleasure of photographing throughout the summer.